06/06/15 LN869

The voyage crew found their way to Lord Nelson in Cardiff we were moored opposite the Welsh Assembly building. After being greeted on board by Steve Higgs the First mate they were shown to their bunks by their watch leaders, and then came to sign on with me Jo Hicks Medical Purser. Once most of them had arrived introductions were done by Captain Chris Phillips, who welcomed everyone on board and gave a plan of the voyage and introduced the rest of the permanent crew. Collum Leggett is 2nd mate, Ben Ransome is Bosun. Marco chief engineer and Pickles is 2nd engineer. Derek Carr is cook. Volunteer wise we have the League of Nations, Luis BM from Uruguay, Cate from Australia, Pelle Cooks ast originally from Norway and Bill engineers ass’t from England.

Following the introductions was the safety briefings followed by evacuation drill and donning of life jackets. The voyage crew were then instructed into how to put on their harnesses and climb aloft safely. After dinner they were free to go ashore until harbour watches started at 22.00.

On the morning of the 6th all hands were woken up at 07.30 to have breakfast at 08.00. The pilot came on board and then the gangway was hoisted on board. The linesmen ashore let us go at 09.00; we then made our way out through the cuts before going alongside in the lock. Once we were outside the harbour it was time to have smoko. It was a special one as Derek the cook had a birthday with a 0 on the end. Dave the other cook had made a cake for him before he left the ship. Derek had joined the ship the previous day. Thank you for the cake Dave it was dark and stormy flavoured. Whilst the ship was making her way down the Bristol Channel the training continued with a nautical talk on roping handling and bracing. It was then time to practice bracing before lunch. After lunch there was time for a siesta or a laze on deck in the sun. After afternoon smoko we then had a fire drill for the permanent crew combined with the second evacuation drill for the voyage crew. The ship is heading for the Isle of Mann and the TT races. For those of you who have sailed before some of you will be very familiar with 3 of the voyage crew, Andy Spark, Piers (otherwise known as Piles) and Dave Robins it has taken me to thinking about long ago voyages.

Jo Hicks

Medical Purser