Breaking News – Captain Barbara ‘murdered’! Our good Captain was killed by Alan in the murder game with a sticking plaster on the chartroom lift, chaos now ensuing.

Whilst this was happening we are making swift progress in heavy seas with gale force winds. The rising barometer has brought blue skies and sunshine that has brightened the watch by seeing spume blown off the tops of 25ft waves and giving myriads of tiny rainbows with the sun shining through. Wheelies and wobblies are getting cabin fever with their enforced stay below decks.

We are promised fairer winds after another 24 hours with a lessening sea state which will be welcomed by all but particularly in the galley where cookie Dave, Margaret & Dan have been producing meals to time in incredibly difficult conditions. Their juggling skills are coming on in leaps & bounds as are their pole dancing movements.

Sam, Caryl, Siobahn, Chris, Neil, Stevie & Alan – Aft Port Watch