The Forward Starboard watch helped set the sails yesterday afternoon. Our 8pm to midnight watch was quiet, with dolphins being seen by some of the watch crew. Happy hour today saw the crew cleaning below decks, with Nazeer working with the Galley team until after lunch. A sail setting talk was held by Rob, where he explained how to set the sails, their differences and the impact on the ships’ handling. With a constant speed of 3 knots, we are making our way towards Louisberg, with an expected sighting around 3pm. This afternoon, we’ve been joined by 2 small yellow Wren-like birds, keeping us company on the bridge. We’re expecting to stay in Louisberg for 2 nights, where we’ll continue the blog with an update.

Starboard Forward Watch (aka Chris’ watch) – Chris, Glen, Magda, Hazel, Margaret, Giles, Alan, Rachel & Nazeer.