The weather is beautiful and we’re under sail! Going at 4 knots and spirits are high.

We are once again out of sight of land. We’re currently in a shipping lane consisting of… us! The temperature is starting to drop as we head into more northerly waters, so our woolly fleeces being put into action!

Linda is very happy to have joined our watch from Aft Port and was given a warm welcome.

We’ve been busy composing songs for our SODS Opera – hoots of laughter can be frequently heard coming from the bridge! It’s all very confidential…

Sherwood has once again taken a rather worrying light to his pinny, so Andy has taken over the role of watchleader today!

In a couple of days time we will be able to stand down our cheesy socks – wash day never fails to excite us!

Forward Port
(Lizzi, Sherwood, Jess, David, Mary, Andy, Philippa and Linda)

From Jess: Happy 21st Birthday to big cuz Phil!