What a weather change! Both ships are alongside in Southampton, Lord Nelson being totally stripped down, maintained and cleaned, and Tenacious hosting a thank you event for our generous equipment donors and suppliers.

We are currently being blown onto the berth, with fenders squashing and ropes groaning, from the cosy below decks it sounds like we are at sea. The next voyage starts tomorrow, so the ship is being prepared to welcome the new voyage crew, after two very enjoyable day sails over the weekend. The first one was a corporate group sail, all had a great time despite the squalls and rain that started as they came on board. This didn’t deter those that wanted to, from going aloft, helming and setting some sails.

Sunday was a totally different day, and there was really only a breeze to gently fill the sails, which made for a very relaxing drift along, admiring the scenery and the Sunday sailors. Again, everyone was happy and several are keen to book a voyage after a taster session of sailing. This was no doubt also helped by the abundance of delicious food on offer from Micah, Derek and a bevy of beautiful Cooks Assistants, who all worked tirelessly to keep us full! The Bosuns Mates also did a sterling job, up and down the ratlines with wannabe climbers, untying sails and taking turns on the helm.

So, back to the washing machine … a great place to be on a day like today! …….after smoko and a freshly baked cake…


Relief Medical Purser