LN884 06/11/15

Alex’s first watch was eventful, starting at 4am “watch” in a squall (30kn wind and horizontal rain). 2 hrs in there was a loud wild flapping, and excited shouting from our cadet Daniel, who was pointing at the torn and now loose main stay sail. 1st mate Richard promptly whisked away the other watch members and called for “All hands on deck!” to attend to the damaged sail. It was at this point that I awoke to much (controlled) commotion. On reaching the deck it became apparent that the outer jib had also “blown”. As the waves crashed over the bow, soaking any unfortunates who had not got into their foul weather gear, we all pulled hard to furl the 2 tattered sails..Sunrise saw a very tired and soggy crew enjoying a well earned cup of tea before retiring to cosy bunks. After a relaxing evening in port, we were able to replace the sails and sheets the next day and explore the town and environs of Porto further. Gerard like most went exploring the city. Berenice and David went to an organ recital in one of Porto’s blue tilled churches. Dave, Flip and Pauli hired a tuk tuk and a boat to take them round the city and finished up with a trip to a port house. Kieran, Steve, Steve, Roger and Stan explored the city on an open topped bus and again ended up in a port house. Alex, Henry and Bryn after being released from the Bosun’s grasp of helping with the ripped sails and sheets went on a “hike” around the city to see all the major tourist areas. Bryn took a detour to see 10 of the terracotta army that were being displayed at a local museum before ending up in a port house. Pat also took a tour on the bus and explored the riverside areas before trying some port in a local restaurant… there was a theme to how everyone’s activities ended. Nicolette, Charlotte, Will and Anna explored the city top to bottom before…. Sampling the port…, there were exceptions to the rule with Felicity, the Bosun’s mates and the engineers drinking copious amounts of red wine instead. The Captain and mate went off to do some fine dining while the rest of the Officers had to remain aboard and plot our course for today…. And for today Alex has just been told that he has to be in a wheelchair for the rst of the day as part of his Leadership at sea programme, so more challenges and adventures to be had over these last few days as we head to Lisbon.