LN891 07/02/2016

After the rigors of UK to Tenerife travel and the long taxi journey to Lord Nelson we were swiftly into our training before we were set loose ashore for a light meal and a much needed early night.

The following day found much of the same as we listened to the experienced Mate Steve as he completed all of our training before we left port as we left Santa Cruz de Tenerife in warm sunshine (on with the sun block!) and motored north and climbers ascended the rigging for loosing gaskets as we rolled around in the swell. This rolling was not appreciated by some but soon we were setting sail for the first time this voyage and the motion of the ship became more comfortable. For the 20.00 to 00.00 watch the sky cleared intermittently to reveal Orion and the Plough at different angles from our usual British view prompting discussion of other worlds and ‘surely there must be other civilisations up there’. Only one passenger vessel was seen all the watch, nothing like the North Sea or the English Channel. Our reduced watch shortened sail and adjusted braces, a revelation that it was possible with such small numbers and so to bed!

The following day seemed almost as if Captain Richard had been up all night praying to the wind gods, we had been undersail all through the night and was well ahead of where we had expected to be. As the day progressed the wind stayed in our favour as we now picked up 7.5Knots glorious sunshine and full sail we headed for our destination of Valley Gran Rey (La Gomera), once alongside (much to the relief of some tender stomachs) we had the usual shore briefings and voyage photo and looked forward to the delights of an organised tour of the island early tomorrow.

More to follow as we are all excited about the Festival of Flour that awaits our next port of call in La Palma!