LN893 07/03/16


After a fantastic crew night out at the surprisingly good, all you can eat Wok, an early start and a frantic last “Happy Hour” was rewarded with bacon butties.

A final briefing from Captain Chris; who showed us all where we had been how much we had sailed and motored and it was time to head home for the Voyage Crew.

A big thank you to the Voyage Crew from the Permanent Crew for a great week; with highs and lows- and more highs again. A touch of sea sickness, dolphins, maybe a whale or two; sunshine and showers. Hands aloft, assisted climbs, a few happy hours, mess duty, great food, lots of cake, sail lectures, watches, beautiful volcanic islands, great wine and a lot of laughs. New friends, good friends, a little romance and the thrill of working hard as a team, each pulling their weight, often more.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.


Still in the laundry 🙂