Only five of the voyage crew remain alive, each with a contract to kill – ‘Murder’ is afoot.

Don’t panic, it’s just a game, a little entertainment to while away the hours as we approach Europe and the UK!

We have spent the past few days motoring as the winds have not been blessing us enough to sail.  They have caused the ship to roll in the swell and several of us have experienced a bump or two along the way.  The temperature has fallen as we head further east, still we are wrapped up well and his afternoon we are enjoying some lovely breezy sunshine.

We are seeing more birds fluttering around the boat and are nearing our destination of Southampton.  In recent days, with an unfavourable weather forecast there was much speculation about whether we will make it, and much anticipation about exotic far flung alternatives and extended holidays!  It looks like we will indeed be in Southampton on time and the cries of ‘are we there yet’ will cease.

Keep your eyes out for land folks!