Cadets Log.. Buck, James

Day 82 of my deployment onboard STS Lord Nelson.

The days number of this current voyage eludes me, but I know that we are due to arrive Southampton on the 11th of this month with today being the 6th. 5 days to go!

The weather has offered some interesting challenges, making sailing with squares impossible. Steaming on both engines with the aid of three fore and aft sails.

The waves, which we have been hitting head on for about 5 days, are making sleep a difficult task.

The time the last week or so has been filled with the Cluedo game, as I call it, in which I made the first kill 5 minutes after we started. Sorry Phil for hitting you with ketchup on the bridge lift.

After, my next two victims were the Captain, hitting him with a wellington boot on the bridge and then Margaret killed with a mouse mat by the galley.

My murderous streak was ended by Roxie on the Aft Stbd muster station whilst I was testing fire hoses. Set up. Had to be.

5 more days until Southampton, then 3 more on top of that until I can go home to my fiancée Harriet, who is waiting very patiently for me.

Its currently 3 hours until tea time.. I’m hungry.