We left Bequia at 3.30 on the 6th and as soon as we left the bay, we hit strong head winds which sent Nellie rocking and pitching and some voyage crew running for sick bags. We were on the 8 pm to midnight watch and were sent out to set sails in challenging conditions. We are now sailing between islands and have passed St Vincent and St Lucia, and are now heading towards Martinique. We are motoring i the lee of the islands and sailing in between and it has been sails set, sailed handled, sails set etc. all day long. All this exercise is helping counteract the effects of Cookie Derek’s delicious meals and the few alcoholic drinks consumed in Bequia. The ‘murder game’ continues, and watch mate Iddy was ‘murdered’ by Carol with a ladle in the male PD loo this morning, which was quite a feat. Oli expertly ran the witch today as part of the Leadership at Sea scheme. The weather is, just for a change, hot and steamy with a cooling breeze.

Forward Port watch: Tina, Carol, Naomi, Val, Kevin, Iddy, Jim, Doc John, dep. Big Chief Oli.