LN884 07/11/15

Aft Starboard; Henry, Maria, Bryn, Stan, Charlotte Watch Leader extrodinaire Esme and honorary watch members Mark MP, Anna from ORCA.

Yesterday we left Porto to sail down to Cascais Bay hopefully managing a swim whilst anchored there, about midday after waiting for our pilot . Which meant that some people could either get extra shore leave or they could attend Annas’ whale and dolphin talk. Later on in the evening we went on to the bridge for our 8pm to midnight with Jo who was the duty officer on watch. Who was perkier than she has  been for the whole voyage especially after she was given hot chocolate which was made with milk by Esme!

Today turned out to be a lovely sunny day out at sea, which quickly  became the most eventful dolphin watching day as Lord Nelson was surrounded by a large group of common dolphins frolicking and breaching on the Port and Starboard side, during this latest dolphin visit the crew ran a MAN OVER BOARD drill throughout the MOB the dolphins were almost circling Bobo who was the designated SWIMMER he certainly attracted great interest from about 20 curious dolphins. After lunch we came onto the Bridge for our 12:30pm to 4pm watch joined again by  Anna for yet more whale and dolphin watching, but this time she brought up her special ORCA FOUNDATION stickers for everyone who had been along to her talk yesterday.

Bring on our swim off the ship later this afternoon followed by SUNDOWNERS !!!!!