In the idyllic setting of English Harbour, maintenance has been steadily on-going. The weather has been hot and sunny, with occasional tropical downpours.

Despite a small work-force of just 15, consisting of the Permanent Crew and a few volunteer crew, many different and varied tasks have been tackled.

For instance, today, Rob the Bosun, was painting the lower section of the main mast; Gudrun and Sarah, Bosun’s Mates, plus Jo, Medical Purser, were painting the main deck scuppers; Stretch was varnishing the chartroom doors; Dave the new day-work  Bosun was doing repairs to the wood on the main deck; Marco and Nathan, the Engineers, had the delightful job of cleaning the black water tanks; Lesley the 2nd mate, was carrying out modifications to the rescue boats fuel tanks; 91 year-old Albert was washing and checking the buoyancy aids, Lali was sanding a radiator grill on deck. Whilst this was going on, the Mate was grappling with the ‘lifting gear’ register, whilst also finding time to needle-gun the forward lift.

Cookie Derek and the Cook’s Asst Mandy spent yet another day scrubbing the galley. However, I have to admit, that I probably had the best job of all. I have been painting the large Lord Nelson crest for the last week. Hopefully it will be rehung tomorrow – it has been sanded and completely repainted. The gold, blue, white, red and green all look bright and fresh. You will have to come and see the ship to admire my handiwork!

Captain Barbara