LN891 08/02/2016

Moored up at Santa Cruz de la Palma as we patiently waited alongside getting mooring lines ashore it was clear to see the festival of flour was in full swing at the end of the quayside, loads of people dressed in white both males and females, there were also some males dressed as large African caribbean fat bottomed females. These were representing the slaves of the natives of La Palma who had become rich whilst in Cuba, (Fat cigars and Cuban bank notes tucked in to their top pockets). We soon found as we were walking amongst them we were also becoming white as we were being covered from head to foot in talcum powder, every person not yet covered was soon to be!!!!!

Downside of the festival of the Indianos was that people were being ferried in to the island from surrounding islands so not  just the locals therefore all the bars and restaurant’s were completely full so no room for us tourists much to the hunger pains of those who had decided to forego Cookies delightful meals and eat ashore. The festival was seen and heard to be going on well into the early hrs of the morning which kept the harbour watches amused through the night with loud music and dancing in the street and clouds of talcum powder which smelled nice and gave  the air a lovely fragrance.

In the morning despite Festival stories a plenty preparations were made to depart the quay but to Richards delight the wind picked up at last minute and the decision to sail off the berth not using the engines at all was made…….another first for many of is. Now on route to Tazacorte on the west coast of the island the Spanker to complete a full set of sails to give us a speed of 6-7 Knotts.