Last night our 20:00 watch started with the last light of the day. As night drew on we were greeted with the most glorious star show since we started the voyage. With no moon to be seen and no cloud cover, the Milky Way took over the sky, surrounded by gazillions of stars.

As it is calmer today we have continued to shoot lots of scenes for our Queen tribute video, which included a surprise moment of Captain Barbara (Censored due to copyright….lol Steve MP) We’re nearing the time when we’ll be able to see the results for ourselves – but we’re also not too sure if we want to see it.

We’ve also celebrated ‘Chiefy’ Alan’s 40 years since signing on with his first ship with 3 cheers from the crew while the galley once again came up trumps with yet another superb cake for the occasion.

We’re only minutes away from our next Sextant ‘noon’ shoot, so it’s au revoir from Fore Port watch….

Grandpa Jonathan, Grandad John, Daddy Mike, Mummy Alli, Daughter Anna, the (almost) grown up Eli and Ruth the au pair (if we can ever find her!) (She’ll be back…)

p.s. Watch Leader Mike surprised even himself in getting his noon ‘shot’ to within 2/10ths mile. ;O)