Louisbourg Cape Breton Nova Scotia

After breakfast we prepared to leave our temporary home where we had been made very welcome. Two 18th century French soldiers in their regimental regalia arrived to mark our departure with drum and piccolo. With sails set and our course plotted we headed out to sea. The good folk at the Fortress of Louisbourg fired a single cannon salute as we sailed into the beautiful blue waters. Our meal as we left was very appropriate, soupe a l’oignon avec omelette. Two of the newer crew members climbed the fore mast and along the yards to stow the topsail and the course. With a force 4 wind and sea state 4 they used the roll of the boat to help lift the heavy sail before securing it with the gaskets. Our novice sailors were taught with great skill by Bosun Rob and Bosun’s mate Jules.

Aft starboard watch Julie, Jonathan, Dylan, Peter, Liz, Ashley, Jan, Fred and watchleader Grainne.