LN905 08/09/2016 – Arrived in Copenhagen yesterday afternoon and moored up in an excellent position near the town and the palace. After a super dinner prepared by “cookie”, Ian, most of us went out to explore the town. Many found the “Lord Nelson” bar which offered an extensive range of fine ales, some of which were enthusiastically enjoyed. We woke this morning to lovely sunshine were pleased to hear that Captain Chris had given us a free day up until 3pm to enjoy this lovely city. “The Little Mermaid” – a famous Copenhagen landmark – was first on the list, followed by coffee. Lunch was taken at the Fast Food Market across the bay.  There was a wide and varied selection of food from all parts of the world. Suitably nourished we returned to the ship for a 4pm departure.

Next stop……the Kiel Canal.

Forward Starboard

Maggie, Tony, Vinney, Clare, Simone, Niall, Phil and Ian.