We sailed through the night of the 7th February and in the morning of the 8th we anchored just outside the harbour at Nassau. Once a cruise ship had gone and another vessel arrived at the end of the quay we then weighed anchor and made our way into Nassau. Captain Chris went ashore to clear customs, all hands then needed to fill in arrival forms. After this people were clear to go ashore and explore Nassau – some went to the fort, some to the chocolate factory, others to the pirate museum.

On the last day there was the initial flurry of activity of packing and bunk stripping before breakfast. This was followed by a final happy hour leaving the ship nice and clean for the incoming voyage crew. Captain Chris gave his end of voyage round up talk; we did 72% of the voyage under sail, which was great.

Bags were left on board as people went for a wander before catching various flights to different destinations. Farewell to all on the voyage and hope to see you on board again one day.

Jo Hicks

Medical Purser