LN894 09/03/2016

Blog for day one at sea.

Well, as planned, we were up, breakfasted and away from the quay for ninish. We chose the northern route around the island and into the open ocean.

The first couple of hours was fairly lumpy. We were motoring out carefully to clear the islands and get some sea room for the sail north. Once achieved, the sails went up, the engines went off, and that wonderful rhythm of the sea and ship took over, and life became pretty blissful again.

Some pretty famous people have suffered from sea sickness. Nelson once was quoted as saying ‘If it wasn’t for sea sickness, the whole world would be sailors!’ It affects everyone at some time; but it doesn’t last long, and once it’s over, and your confidence is restored, a sailors life aboard a square rigger is unequalled for those who prefer to travel then holiday.

We’re just closing down for the night watches, we’ll see what a new day brings.

Finally, for those Nellie Mates who sail her, a brief update on the Nelson Memorial that is displayed in the bar. Well its life in Liverpool has been transformed. Where it once stood the brand spanking new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital now stands, and the memorial as been renovated and relocated to a more prominent position in the park and the hospital. Part of the renovation was to restore a copy of the ‘lost’ brass plate (the one in the bar) to the plinth. So Liverpool’s half Nelson is alive and well, and a bit of the JST now resides there.

Come and see next time you’re in the ‘Pool.

Port Aft Watch