LN895B 09/05/2016

Our departure from Southampton was slick and efficient – possibly something to do with the dummy run we had yesterday, that due to the tide, resulted in Lord Nelson being pinned tightly to the quayside!!

After a delayed start from Southampton this morning, it was all hands on deck whilst the crew was trained in sail procedures.

Under the able guidance of the First Mate Lesley, we quickly learnt how to brace the yards and immediately took advantage of the light winds by setting the top sails and the main t’gallant.

With Lord Nelson looking her finest the cameras appeared and nearly everyone was ‘photo-bombed’ by our watch comedian Charlie….

After a challenging exit from the Solent, it was play time up the mast, as we clambered up the rat lines to enjoy the spectacular views from the platform.  As a bonus, we even made it back onto deck before the rain arrived and just in time was a warm cup of tea.

Once in open water, everyone on Port Aft watch had a turn on the helm, staying on track for France; and now the next team taken over and so we hope we will remain on course!!