09/07/15 LN872

We are becalmed off St Kilda but we had a good nights sleep after our film night (Shelock Holmes). Lots of gannets, fulmars, great skuas, a few puffins and even a minke whale (alledgedly) have been sighted.

Voyage crew took advantage of the calm sea to have a good happy hour and lifejacket training.

But exciting times are happening onboard, currently there is a mass murder underway on the stern platform! Even Nathan the engineer is getting his hands dirty (but not messing up his hair); mackeral for everyone for dinner tonight! or maybe even breakfast depending on what Cookie Dave has in mind..

Our race may feel like it’s over for the moment whilst we drift along here but we’ll be coming back with a vengeance when the wind picks up from the South-East tonight!

Aft Port; Bruce, Geraldine, Michael, Rob, John, Jay, Nicola and Rachael.