Sun, Sea, Sand(ing) and Sex(tants).

This morning we handed the sails and have changed course to east and are now heading in the right direction, although there are still no other ships to see. The sun has finally made a reappearance, hurray, and there are bodies strewn across the decks in search of rays.

This morning’s watch did all the brasso so Leslie handed out the sandpaper and we started sanding the worn areas around the bridge ready for oiling.

As with yesterday, our watch finally had sun during “noon” and so out came the sextants, there was some dodgy workings out, a little remedial mathematics is needed – no 5-2 is not 2!

Tony is finally back on watch after being confined below during the bad weather with James and Peter M, but Tony was then on mess for the last few days so we have been teasing him relentlessly, even the galley staff gave a sigh of relief, due to the number of plates thrown on the floor during washing up yesterday, he even had to put up with a paper plate at lunch time, just in case.

Lande is the only member of our watch alive in the murder game, hopefully her days are not numbered, but I suspect they are!

Aft Stbd: Tom, Peter G, Peter M, James, Robin, Tony, Lande, Carol.