09/08/15 LN 875

On the first day in Rosendal there was a fantastic opportunity for a few of us to go kayaking on the waters of the Fjord which were so still you could almost mistake them for one gigantic mirror! The Kayak trip lasted a few beautiful hours and in that time we kayaked around an island, along the beautiful mountain-esque landscape of the Fjord, and ended up having a wonderful hotdog and potato bread BBQ on an Island in the Fjord. We ended the day by slowly paddling past the Lord Nelson and waving to the crew on Harbour-watch.

The next day was filled with more exhilarating adventures involving a bus trip up to the glacier where we proceeded to do our own patent-pending oily sledding with our very own oilies, some Nordic wellie skiing, we ate a delightful hamper overlooking the extravagant view of the glacier, and Jane and Gaz showed the locals an “alternate” style of skiing.

As we left lovely Rosendal and the epic views of the Norwegian Fjords behind us, our heroine Molly volunteered to join the crew of rigging-heroes consisting of her, Dave, Emma, Euan, Rhiannon and James up the rigging to loose the gaskets on the main course to speed our trip over to the Shetland Isles. We’re now powering out into the North Sea leaving the lushious views of the Fjords behind us, we have our sails set to bring us to the Shetlands in no more than two days.

-Ben and James