LN894 10/03/2016

Hello from Lord Nelson as she makes her way home from the Canaries, first stop the Azores. We are enjoying sailing this afternoon with fair wind and some blue sky. Some of us are still finding our sea legs, after a bumpy start to the voyage when we left Las Palmas yesterday morning, and as we settle into the routine of life on board. We are looking forward to learning more about whales and dolphins later this afternoon from Becky, and are keeping a keen eye out to see what we can spot among the waves. All for now from Forward Port Watch: Stuart, Becky, Charley, Chris, Eileen, Greg, Kel and Philip.


PS two special mentions today; Roman- henceforth to be known as Mop Man after his command of mopping the lower decks, and Kas the Supernumerary Cookie for such a stunning mustard mash and roast lamb with garlic, the mess men were nearly injured in the rush for seconds! Here is hoping that happy hour tomorrow the watches realise that Brasso has to be polished off as well.