We woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning with not a breath of wind. The last of our voyage crew joined us at breakfast, so breakfast was followed by the briefings and plan 1 for the week (subject to change depending on weather).

We were hoping to set off after smoko, but clearance took longer than anticipated, so we practised bracing the yards instead. After lunch on deck we were ready to set sail. There was a slight breeze, so as soon as we were clear of the harbour, we set as many sails as we could to catch what breeze we could. Despite our best efforts, after a while, our modest progress forward slowed right down until it was debatable as to whether we were moving forwards or backwards. Sails were handed at this point, just in time for tea.

We are at anchor for the night, looking forward to a quiet night being gently rocked to sleep.

Kumi (Fwd stbd)