It’s our last full day at sea today.  We crossed the imaginary line between Ushant and Scilly shortly after 1pm yesterday, and entered the English Channel.  Despite the fine weather, it’s been very hazy on the horizon and visibility has been reduced to only a few miles.  This means that other than a fleeting glimpse of the light on Lizard Point, we still haven’t seen the coast of England yet.

Overnight the wind veered round to give us the right conditions for setting sails just after breakfast, so we’ve been rocketing up the Channel at 9 knots, heading for the Needles, just off the Isle of Wight.  Unlike on the Atlantic, the ship barely rolls at all, so it feels much more sedate.  With the sunshine, it’s much more like a relaxing cruise.  Shame it all ends in the morning.

Big hello to Joy from Gus and his merry watch