10/06/15 LN869

Day 3 -4

Yesterday we had square rig sails out for the first time on the voyage! One got a bit caught so Luis got sent up to sort things out. A lot of shouting up and down the mast! (but no panic). We had 0000-0400 watch this morning. We woke up to rough seas (it was a dark and stormy night…) and were a few people short to wear the ship easily, but we got it done!(NB it was not rough only a force 5). A touch of seasickness all round, but Naomi kept our spirits up. It turned into a very clear night with a red moon, lots of stars and even the odd shooting star! We came off watch to a spectacular sunrise.

A quick wildlife P.S: On Tuesday we spotted some dolphins and a minkie whale!

We leave you with a poem
The Boson’s Mate’s Prayer:
Oh seagull I’m grieving
To see you relieving
Yourself on my foredeck so clean
God gave you the oceans
For your squitty motions
Why pick on the merchant marine?
Signed the motley crew of Forward Starboard (Sophie the baby student of philosophy and physics
, Dilys (83 years young) and James the poet)