Having arrived on foreign shores, Capt Chris and our interpreter Antonio appeased the locals with offerings passports and other shiney objects. After befriending them an expedition was arranged with 11 brave souls lead by Patrick and employing a local guide ventured to explore the beach at Gunga in a search for local firewater and fresh produce. Upon arrival the local beach buggie tribe took 40 pieces of gold from each of us and boarded us on a fleet of roaring fibreglass four-wheeled horses. We were taken to the ragged cliffs of Gunga and plunged into a fresh water lagoon that was heated by an underground spring. Some were daubed with health giving minerals which turned their face a chalky white and gave them a strange ghostly appearance. All were returned by safely buggie to our guide who introduced us to the supplier of firewater and purveyors of fish and other barbecued delicacies. Mid afternoon saw the onset of a tropical storm so the hardy 11 beat a hasty retreat to the ship. Four scouts were sent out to seek “shopping” with other expeditions following through the evening into the local town of Maceio. Numerous adventures were reported later that evening on return to the ship……not least the efforts of one bar keeper ‘Johnny’ who’s technique for hailing a taxi was to leap into the middle of a busy road, stop all the traffic and demand any captured cabs to pull over to get our brave lads and lasses back to the ship……. That night saw the wind pick up to 30 knots and so a choppy ride back out to sea that morning combined with the effects of the local firewater had a number of crew feeling the worst for wear and the stock of ships sick bags diminishing rapidly. Full sail now set the sun dipped to the horizon on the final leg of this voyage.


Aft Port