LN905 10/09/16

Day 6. We have been making stately progress through the Kiel Canal. The cyclists amongst us have been only mildly disconcerted at being over-taken by old ladies on Dutch style bicycles, but no complaints, the weather and the views have both been glorious.

The day began with Chris (not Captain Chris I hasten to add) having to hose him-self down after having washed a very muddy anchor chain as it was raised early this morning. The heroics continued this afternoon when Bradley braced the main course single-handed. A special mention goes to Peter for peeling two buckets of spuds and being left with only one after removing the manky bits.

In 15 minutes we bid farewell to the Kiel Canal and our pilot and join the river Elba. Sadly, this may also mean farewell from the bridge to Mr Chips’ flowery sun-hat which I’ve been admiring all afternoon. Signing off just now as I need one hand for the ship and one for the amazing home-made bounty-bar that Ian has made for afternoon smoko.

Aft Port watch – Ali, Bradley, Eleanor, Georgia, Leila, Peter and Rob.


PS: We are looking forward to tonight’s entertainment after Georgia, Eleanor and Jamie’s quiz last showed us how little attention we pay to our surroundings. This evening is music night.