Day 3 10th Oct

We are finally out on the open ocean after two days of coming to terms with the idea of living on the water. So this is The Tasman Sea. 7 ocean going Tall Sailing ships on course for New Zealand. 11 sails set doing 4 knots.

We set the sails one by one at the start of the Tall Ships race from Sydney Heads to Bay of Islands, New Zealand. With each Fore Top Sail, Main Top Gallant, Mid Stay sail, the mystery of myriad ‘ropes’ i.e. Clewlines, Buntlines’, Sheets, Halyards and bits of old string became slightly clearer to enthusiastic armatures, willing to pitch in and help.

“Two six Heave!”, “Two six, Heave!” we shouted in unison to make the task of raising a 900 kilogram Main Course SAIL yard arm higher to properly set that sail just a bit easier. It seems to work and the job gets done.

After watching the whales frolicking, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a steady wind which makes for time to write lyrical blogs…..

Aft Starboard Watch.