10th September 

The crew joined the ship in West India Dock, this managed to be the same time that the stores arrived, the stores were supposed to arrive a few days earlier. We had the start of the voyage safety briefs, this was followed by lunch. Training continued after lunch, we left the berth to get the 15.00 lock to enter the Thames. Hands aloft occurred whilst we were going down the Thames, we ended up anchoring at Lee Small Ships anchorage near Southend.

Tuesday morning we had bracing practice and then weighed anchor and had a lovely sail towards Margate where we anchored for the night.

Aft Port Watch Seb, Noel, Jules, Ryan and Richard

11th September

We anchored off Margate yesterday afternoon.

18.00 Beef Stew – mmm

19.00 Mad dash at the shop for the last of the old logo stock

20.00 Anchor watch begins off Margate.

A quiet night- much to learn in the chart room. A most interesting place to be. With second mate David spending lots of time talking us through the numerous charts, dials and readouts.

Charlie had finally escaped the clutches of the galley staff his mess duty had finished.

Phil finally made it out of his bunk after his sea legs went missing. He was promptly sent back to bed by watch leader Marion!!

12th September

09.00 We weighed anchor at 09.00 and made progress down channel towards the Goodwin sands.and into the Dover straits.

15.30 sailing past the white cliffs of Dover whilst polishing brass on the bridge.

Forward Starboard watch

Marion, Ian, Sue, Ami, Andrea, Charlie, Phil