Day 29

Today’s blog comes from Aft Starboard watch as we continue to motor with a fresh to strong breeze that refuses to veer to allow us to go sailing in the right direction.

At the start of our 8pm to midnight watch last night, as dusk was setting in, the Bosun’s Mates were called out to put a sea stow in both the topsails.  Alan had tried to seek refuge in a well-earned shower after another hard day’s work, but that would have to wait until this latest Captain’s order had been completed.

As the watch progressed so did the wind and the rain. Natalie our watch leader does not have a reputation for wet watches for nothing.  Her success on STW6 was met on this watch with squalls and winds reaching 48kts before settling nearer 30kts.  This made sailing/motoring by the wind – 40 degrees off the bow to best use the stay sails – an interesting experience! It also caused a few problems for those trying to sleep down below.

Last night’s daily update from Captain Chris had many ‘hopefully’s about the wind, and the possibility that we might at some time in the foreseeable future be able to sail in the right direction. The only guaranteed part of the forecast was for rain, and that is certainly true.  This morning saw some blue sky, but now that we are back on watch the clouds and showers have returned.

As confirmation that there is no realistic hope for the wind to veer, this morning volunteers went aloft to put sea stows in both the course sails.

Wildlife continues to be seen.  We have had another ‘Green Duncan’ bird on board for the last day – our own variant from the warbler family – it has so far explored the chart room, the lower mess and is now selecting its preferred cabin.  Outside the whale sightings have continued with the best yet being a Fin whale just a few minutes ago close on the starboard side.

Aft Starboard – Natalie, Aoife, Ben, Bob, Chris, Chris, Colin, Sam and Stewart