Thursday 11th December 2014

Yet another day in paradise!

Here we are, still pootling along in the middle of the Atlantic at a speed of 4.7 knts. With each hour, we gain further miles towards our destination – getting close now!

The crew (as much as they are enjoying the voyage and probably don’t want to leave!) are starting to fantasise about full nights’ sleep, having showers without falling over, eating without the food rolling off of the table and various other luxuries that come with living ashore.

Last nights watches enjoyed a beautifully clear night and even had the pleasure of seeing some shooting stars!:D

Update on the Mysterious Mid-Atlantic Murders.

The winner of the LN856 Murder games is (drum roll please! (mockingjay whistle!)) LALI!! Last night Lali caught one of her final victims in the laundry area with a football…!

Today is a special day for one member of Aft Starboard watch. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GEORGIA! We hope you have the most fantastical day today (and hopefully one that is full of memories that you won’t forget!)

To Libby and Ben from granddad Jo. “I have seen a pirate ship and we are chasing it, we hope to catch him soon! I have also been practising my sword fighting. I will bring you back all of the treasure when I get back home! xxx”

Georgia has looked back on the voyage and has decided that her favourite things to do are; climbing the rigging, brassoing, steering and going down to the engine room for a tour (well worth a visit if you get the chance!) “Love you dad! <3 xxx”


Eli says “To dad, can’t wait to sit on beach and drink rum! Hope you are anticipating jealousy!”

Beth says “I hope everyone at home is well and are looking forward to my return! I expect a welcome home party with everyone I know sent an invite! 😛 love and miss you all! Xxxxxxx Leah, Lauren, Lucy, Holly and Ash; I have decided to run away to sea forever – you gunna try to stop me, but, you can’t run in those little high heels!”

Aft Starboard – Beth, Luke, George, Georgia, Jay, Jo (the pirate) and Phil