Day 30

The day dawned bright and clear with rumours of rainbows. The wind had moderated, but was still up our chuff. Where is the chuff on a ship?

Today involved a Deadlight Inspection and Repair Event (DIRE) time. Me, I reckon Stu was on the lookout for ‘reading matter’. Nudge nudge, wink, wink. In no time our deadlights were fettled and our portholes proof against King Neptune’s wrath.

Divine worship included Megan taking vows to confirm her as a Godmother, a serious and lasting commitment.

Aft Port assumed control after lunch, coming on deck to sunshine and big seas. iPads and smartphones filmed the swell swell. We watched the sky cloud over and a mad scramble for ‘oilys’ presaged a downpour. Said deluge had come and gone by the time we were kitted up. C’est la vie.


Meanwhile below decks inclement weather gave the different watches time to raid the bins for prime trash to protect their precious egg in the eggciting ‘Great Egg’ drop to come. Anything else on board comes at an eggorbitant price – the drop has been delayed until less eggstream weather conditions.

Aft Port: Colin, JR, JG, Wendy, Vinney, Bob, Steve, Celia (absent) & BrianB.