Well after a busy day in the Port of Nassau the crew of 861 finally arrived and spent the evening getting acquainted with the ship and sampling the delights of Downtown Nassau (some more than others). The morning of departure arrived and after admiring the super cruise liners moored alongside us it was time to cast off and show the locals how a real ship handles the seas………It wasn’t long before some of the VC realised that with quite a moderate swell and high winds that even the most seasoned sailors amongst them can fall foul of the infamous white vomit bag!. After a fair night and swells throughout they now look forward to the joys that await them as we look for an island anchorage to which we can drop anchor and sample the delights of sundowners and evening swimming/entertainment laid on by the Engineers. Bosun Dave keeps them amused along with BM Liz learning some seamanship skills.

Daz (MP)