Day 4

Everyone woke up feeling a lot better this morning, sea legs attached! The sun was shining, and everyone seemed to be happier and working as a team.

After breakfast, we had a fire drill where we had to go to our muster stations. We then put on our life jackets, whilst the permanent crew practised their fire drill, it lasted approximately 30 min. The pretend fire was in the engine room and some minutes after the fire-crew made their entry into a “smoke filled area” a dummy was extracted and CPR was commenced by our medical team. An interesting way to spend a morning.

We are now on watch joined by blue skies and very little wind, as a result we have handed our square sails and have both engines on. We await Happy Hour, which begins shortly.

Graham, Debbie, Kristina, Shelia, Helen, Jacqueline and Annabelle. (We miss Ed, who is on Mess Duty)