12th June day 6

As was blogged earlier the ship crossed over the equator for its 5th time, this time heading south in the South China Sea on its way to Australia.

The ship was yet again boarded by the Pirate King (aka Cookie Dave) (he’s been on the ship that often he’s taken up residence) and the PC rounded up and cast below in chains, their place to be taken by the scurvy gang aka Neptunes Court. The voyage crew and Cadet Ryan were dragged before the court to answer for their various crimes. The scurvy gang are really getting into the swing of this now.. this court now having sat 3 times..the barber & surgeon are becoming more efficient and the aft deck has started to look like a sheep shearing station..

The last 2 Pollygogs brought before the court were Anna Pettman and cooks ass’t Dan Hammond, after answering to their crimes and receiving various sanctions as set by the court.. Dan shocked everyone. Not the least Anna by bending onto one knee and asking for her hand in Marriage.. And she said yes..

Dan and Anna met on the Lord Nelson during the New Year voyage in 2011 in the Canaries.

Congratulations from us all.

Steve MP