12/06/15 LN869

Day 4

We tacked first thing after morning meeting, but soon found we weren’t making much headway so we handed the sails and put the engine on. We headed into Douglas, arriving at about 1700, on the 9th. I went into shore in the DOTI boat as a linesman, and had a beautiful view of the ship in the bay in the afternoon sunshine. Wish I’d had my camera on me!

Once we’d tied up we had sundowners and watched the Red Arrows display. We were perfectly placed as they went right overhead!

Douglas itself is overrun with bikers, and the harbour entrance takes us right out on the end of the promenade at the centre of the action. There’s a music stage, beer tent and huge funfair stretching along the seafront. There was also an appearance of a trick riding group called the Purple Helmets. The highlight of their show was a man stark naked (except for his helmet – safety first!) in a sidecar, playing the piano while being showered with beer by the crowd. True artistry.

Coming home late we found the tide had dropped the ship several meters below the quay, leaving the gangway at a very steep angle to the deck. Despite our merry state we all managed to climb down.


Day 5

Still tied up in Douglas, most of the voyage crew scattered after breakfast. I stayed behind and spent the day with the crew  bringing down the forecourse and stitching up tired seams. We also replaced one of the shrouds on the main mast.

Meanwhile ashore some people found vantage points to watch the TT races, while some went further afield on a steam train. A few people visited the Manx museum.


By Sophie, with help from Isabelle and Pelle chopping apples for lunch