12/07/15 LN872

The ship awoke to a stormy sea yesterday.

Still in the reach of St.Kilda’s, athough making way slowly. The ongoing watch was enthusiastic to the morning’s watch ahead, looking forward to keeping spirits high with lots of singing and the creation of the ’12 day’s of sailing’ song. The wind picked up and the peace was shattered when the outerjib blew out, necessitating lots of running around to furl it and to set the inner jib. The rest of the watch was spent singing away in the rain, although we also got to see a minke whale.

The tasty cod and chips for dinner was quickly devoured by a very hungry crew and gave us the energy to go back on watch at 8pm.

Today, after a drizzly morning, where we did some bracing and sail trimming, the sun arrived, just in time for the afternoon watch. We are currently making a speedy 5 knots in the right direction.

Beth, Sophie, Becky, Nicola, Gary, Hannah, Alex and Hector