In preparation of D.A.F.F. coming on board when we arrive in Fremantle Nellie is undergoing a deep clean. With threats of their representatives joining us, wearing lab coats & white gloves, the crew, both permanent & voyage, have played their part by depleting all stocks of beer, Guinness & mixers!

For those enjoying a whiskey with a splash of water this isn’t a problem but all other spirits appear to be holding a steady course in their optics. On the flip side of this predicament our supplies of wine are plentiful.

This afternoon we set more sails & the engines have been turned off, reducing our speed from 8 to 6 knots, as the winds have shifted to a northerly direction but with them have come even cooler temperatures & despite the outside temperature registering 17 degrees we are all wrapped up, only John is sporting his knee length shorts, although his ever increasing facial hair is obviously keeping his body temperature up.

The past 24 hours have seen Eli confined to a wheelchair, (out of choice), which saw everyone frantically getting out of her way in order to protect their toes & Alan Chater has won the murder game – is he ever to be trusted again???

Forward Port watch – Grandpa Jonathan, Grandad John, Daddy Mike, Mummy Alli, Anna – the chosen one, Eli – the mistake & Ruth the au Pair, (she’s returned after discovering that she’s the secret child of one of the grandparents!)

*Breaking news: There are rumours that Suzie, the second Mrs Tozer, is flying in to Fremantle next week from the UK & has planned an intimate dinner with Daddy Mike. What is to become of the