A rare sign of civilisation has just been witnessed. Passing overhead we saw an aeroplane. The likes of which have not been seen since we left the Azores! A reminder of that mythical thing known as land not seen for so long.

Whilst land itself has not been seen evidence of its existence has been further proved by the presence of a variety of avian life. One even joined our crew briefly. A reed warbler joined us for a couple of days paying its way by feasting on Brazillian fruit flies. We have sadly bid our feathered friend adieu however and the fruit flies have taken this opportunity to regather their strength as they look to continue their transatlantic cruise. Our feathered friend will be sorely missed both for his fly catching brilliance and the joy he brought by alighting on various members of the crew. I’ve been mistaken for many things but never a branch until yesterday.

Civilisation once more intruded on our happy little voyage last night as we came within 5 miles of a cargo ship. Even though she was 180m long we did not see her until quite late in the rising swell and high winds which whipped spray up off the sea.

We continue to see multitudes of dolphins though finally we have at least some variety in species. As well as the common Dolphin, the Atlantic striped dolphin, has also been spotted. One may have even been a spinner or perhaps it was merely enjoying the sizeable swell.

For the meteorologically minded amongst our readers we have entered a region of high pressure, though the wind continues to be above 26 knots with the swell increasing to 4 or 5 metres at times.  This does make it much more exciting and ironically seems to make more people smile than not.

The sweepstake for when we will enter the channel closes at 1800hrs this evening and then the only thing left to do, will be wait and see who timed it just right, and who should probably avoid navigating as much as humanly possible…..

The weather is absolutely perfect for sailing. Unfortunately we are headed for London not bobbing over to Cork. If only we were, the wind would be positioned perfectly. As it is, we are running at 40 degrees to the wind.

This is fine for the fore and stay sails but not our driving squares.

Reporting from the good ship MV Lord Nelson this is Aft Port watch saying sheepishly ” Baaaaaaaahhhhhh”. – Richard (capable of writing for The Telegraph) , Peter (Illustrious leader), Markus (tea boy), Kate (always smiling – malevolently), Anne (always knitting), Pam (always messing), Chris MT (always sleeping), Olwen (always cheerful) and JC (when he’s not making us clean)