LN905 12/09/2016 – After arrival at Helgoland yesterday and tying up for the night, we ventured in to town. Since this is our last port stop before Poole we all decided to have “watch” dinners. Amazingly we all finished up at the same restaurant “Bunte Kuh” run by a very fierce fraulein.

We awoke to a lovely sunny day, ready for crew and watch photos. Then there were assisted climbs and it was hoisted wheelchairs aloft. Captain Chris announced we were to leave at 3pm so just time for some duty free shopping and lunch. After departing there was sufficient wind to hoist sails and we managed to get up to 3 knots. Unfortunately the wind dropped and we had to drop the sails and begin motoring again but hope to get them up again in the morning. A beautiful sunset was shared by our watch before we settled in for the night.

Forward Starboard. Maggie, Phil, Vinny, Ian, Clare, Simone, Tony and Niall.