It’s 14.00 on day 4 of the Bahamas voyage and as we write this, the Lord Nelson is under full sail and rocketing along at a furious speed of 2.1 knots.

The past day has been one of relative leisure, as yesterday afternoon we arrived at Little San Salvadore – an uninhabited island owned by the Carnival Corporation. After an afternoon swim in the lovely 22C water, we had a fine meal followed by a relaxed filled evening fitting for the Caribbean location (with an engineer’s concoction greasing everyones’ pipes). High hopes were had for a beach landing the following morning, and the chance for a quick explore.

Sadly our hopes were dashed, as during the early hours of the morning a cruise liner arrived and our chance for a (secret) visit to the island disappeared.

It is at this point that it should be pointed out that the cruise ship and passengers had priority to the island for visiting so we live in hope that our next stop we able to dip our feet and walk along serene white sandy beaches.

Never one to be put out for long however, Captain Darren quickly concocted a new plan and with time for a short swim, we embarked for a short 70mile voyage to Conception island – undersold as a “paradise within paradise”; leaving the Carnival Cruise liner in our wake.

So an interesting and fun filled 24 hours, filled with sails, sun, swimming and surly cruise ship staff – let’s see what the next day brings.

Signing off – Forward Port Watch; David, Bill, Ken, Hannah, Richard, John & James