LN894 13/03/2016

Forward Starboard watch:

Andrew- The Boss

Ally- Zookeeper

Kate- Ship’s Artist

Mick- Number one honcho on the helm

Sandy- Resident Ship’s Canadian

Joe- Watch Cadet/ Archetypal drunken Scottish sailor

David- Font of all “knowledge”

Forward Starboard watch, the ‘Dream Team’ are getting to know each other well after their first week together. It’s Palm Sunday and we are four days out with Ponta Del Guarda looming on the horizon, three days away. We are currently heading South West trying to pick up some more favourable airs to carry us in. We are all looking forward to enjoying some cold beers on solid ground soon!

Three of our watch shinned up the mast to go whale watching yesterday in an unsuccessful attempt to win the watch prize of two bottles of wine.

Everyone is enjoying the experience and are over the shock of capture, must dash, watch looming!

Whale count- we think we added a Bluey to the count today, but too far away to be sure.