LN894 13/03/2016

We took watch yesterday evening 20:00 – 00:00, we saw a ship in the distance which was the first one for a couple days. Allen and Frankie woke all the wrong people up which was funny.

The ship came to an almost stand still, at around 20.00 from the lack of wind so we took down the sails and motored along. This morning we put the sails back and caught the wind again. We had happy hour 11:00 – 12:00 today which was a lot easier because the sea was much calmer so we could clean from top to bottom.

Roman (awarded the Golden mop, for services to deck mopping) for  AFT Port Watch

Whale and Dolphin count (verified by Becky from The ORCA Trust):

Minke whale x 2

Striped Dolphin x 2 pods

Unidentified Dolphins x 2 pods