13/06/15 LN869

It’s 03:00 and we are taking the time out on a nice quiet anchor watch in Douglas Bay to reflect on the last few days.

Lots of things both ashore and on Nellie; lots of work aloft replacing one of the main stays and repairing the course sail.  Oh and of course there was something about a race!

The gangway was… erm… interesting! The tidal difference meant that the gangway resembled a climbing wall at times and was unusable. Timings for the pub were carefully worked out!

Yesterday evening whilst at anchor we had a wonderful BBQ prepared by our wonderful galley for which the engineers famously take all the credit!

Washing up done, sundowners all gone and time for a quick nap before a spectacular fireworks display.

Needless to say some of us needed a stronger than usual shake awake!


Forward Starboard – Naomi, Isabelle, Bryn, Sophie, James and Dilys