13/07/15 LN782

After all the excitement of the dolphins and whales the excitement continued with a traditional Sunday dinner including Yorkshire Puddings! After dinner the Leadership @ Sea gang organised an inter watch quiz where we all got together to answer various questions leaving one team victorious (even if they did have some inside info from the permanent crew!) Sadly Gandalf didn’t come through for us Aft Porters as no bonus points were given for impersonations. Watches were again drizzly and no matter how many sunny songs we sang no sunshine made an appearance. Monday morning and we’re all up and ready to set sails as the wind has finally picked up (we may be last bt we’re still going) and with a special help from Mislav sail we are flying towards the finish line. Speaking of Mislav we had a special Smoko today as it’s his birthday – Happy Birthday Mislav, we’ll make the tea! Mr Sunshine has made an appearance today so we’re a happy crew finally heading in the right direction with the finish line not far off.

Aft Port – Gandalf (Bruce), Mrs Doyle (Geraldine), Snow White (Nicola), Dr Death (John), JR Ewing (Jay), Skipper (Rob), Mastermind (Michael) and Tigger (Rachael)