Welcome to another day in the ongoing saga, ‘Nellie at Sea’.

One of most recent developments has been the arrival of hitch hikers.

Descending from the skies these airborne stowaways, blown in on the wind occasionally gorged themselves on fruit flies. Sadly one met a mysterious demise. Chef Dave can be ruled out of any connection with this tragic death as he would have been looking for another 23 blackbirds to complete his pie.

Bill Black (Sheep) however was found loitering at the Mizzen mast with Debs’ spectacles. His only tenous alibi was something to do with skiving off galley slave duties which can’t be true, as being an ex-Naval man, we all know he would never be late or desert his post.

In other news a particularly offensive weapon reared its ugly head at 22:00 hours. Dingalingalingaling rang out in the Starboard Focscle thus giving Sherwood’s Shower an early early call for their midnight watch. Retribution was swift and instant as the alarm clock was set upon and successfully disembowelled never to ring again. The burials at sea for both our feathered friends and offensive alarm clocks will follow at an appropriate time.

In news from the other watches special mention must be given to Richard ThunderThon who has also excelled himself by having an impromptu bath suddenly supplied by Atlantic Waves plc. Sadly this is not a trendy new record deal for Richard but a rather useless superpower he has discovered.

Whenever on watch he is covered from head to toe in the finest oilskins as provided by the JST. However as soon as he is not in this protective shell, and preferably when just changed into fresh dry clothes he will appear on deck and summon a wave to drench him. Incidentally he has also discovered an ability to find whichever cereal is required at breakfast time. This morning’s acquisition of chocolate covered frosties was no exception. We fear his superpowers for getting drenched and finding cereals may yet be curtailed as ThunderThon returns to solid land.

Stop press: Log update. Burial at Sea (feathered) 10:00. Sadly missed.

Start and then stop press again: Log update. We have now made 3000 miles, not all of them in a straight line.

Debs’ meeting about the SODS Opera was sadly lacking in attendees. Not lacking in attendees however, was Kate’s talk on Antarctica. Record-breaking crowds herded into the lower mess and people even considered crowding into the sordid depths of number 19, Hole in the Wall Avenue (Godders and the Fruit Flies bunk). The talk was fantastic! Covering Nellie’s trip into the land of Ice and Penguins. Captain Chris and Marcin also added great insight into what Nellie had accomplished.

It is now three bells in the afternoon watch and the and dark clouds loom on the horizon. Has Sherwood been summoning up the rain again? What have we done to you, we cry piteously!

BlackSheep Watch Signing their penultimate blog (assuming the Lord Chancellors Department passes this epistle without ruthlessly slashing it as in the manner of Blue Pencil Bill. Rob (Temporary Acting/ Puppet Watchleader), Blue Pencil Bill (Watchleader and hail our mighty Emporer, Demoted to Galley Slave for today), Tom (Yes he is a Doctor really), James (The Whale), Lou (Private Eye Reader and occasional Blogger), Sarah (Smartie Girl and half-hearted editor), Debs (Leader of the SODs), Norman (Wearer of Black), Cato (Bringer of Happiness).