LN885 13/11/15


Busy times have prevented the recent transmission of the blog so a brief resume may be in order. The bulk of the voyage crew (VC) embarked on Tuesday 10th November and we immediately settled into the necessary briefings and safety procedures. However, this did not preclude the usual “crocodile” of VC heading into the dock’s hinterland in search of some liquid refreshment later that evening. We set sail the following day and quickly settled into the voyage routine with more briefings and then turning in for a night of motoring in search of some winds. Captain Chris was delighted when the winds materialised the next day and we filled our time with setting and trimming sails just in time for the afternoon snooze. We made excellent progress overnight, still with the North East Trade winds behind us and, as I speak, some wonderful sailing conditions. The temperature is a friendly 21 degrees and we have typical associated blue skies.

As of 1300 hours today we have sailed nearly 300 miles and expect to sight land in the form of Madeira Island on or about 16th November. We hope to stay for 2 nights before continuing to the Canaries and the end of our voyage. In the meantime and despite the efforts of the Permanent Crew, morale is high, knees are getting brown and we look forward to continued good progress on our north Atlantic passage.

On behalf of the voyage crew, particularly Forward Port Watch we wish you all “fair winds”

Alan, Ali, Gary, Johan, Melanie, Phil, Rene, and Shawn.