Day 6

Afternoon Watch

Well, just to top off a beautiful day, the dolphins have come out to play! We sailed through the night under a bright moon, watching the outline of Marlborough Sound off Port side, musing over the southern constellations and how Orion is upside down!

The wind was strong, and the churning ocean glowed under the moonlight. We awoke to a sunny day: blue skies, enough breeze to keep us sailing and the sun shining (Well, everyone woke but Jen, who couldn’t wake up without a cuppa!). Happy Hour saw boogieing down the halls of the fo’csle, and afterwards the voyage crew met on deck for a sail briefing from Mate Jon, which covered everything from Spankers to Pirate Lockdowns. This afternoon the starboard deck is sprawled with bodies soaking up the sun, a bit more skin showing than usual! Some acrobatics were attempted by the foremast, and Otis taught a few fellas how to do wheelies in his wheelchair. The Engineers have been lucky and have caught a fish off the stern.. Rumour has it that it’s a Barracuda. Yesterday’s tiny catches turned into a sushi entrée. Delicious!

Headed for Golden Bay to Anchor tonight, and then some more beach explorations are planned for the next few days.

The Marmy Watch: Amy, Mark, Gill, Di, Cara, Brian, and Tash.